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The Faceless : Save one onscreen appearance in the early episode "The Guest Desk Sergeant Kogan qualifies, as he gets a mention every three episodes or so afterward. Driscoll is trying to get the 12th to make his homophobic ex-wife honor his child visitation rights with their son. Barney came to regret having had it removed, and decided it wasn't enough just to get another desk; he demanded that desk back, and got. Copy Cat

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Ray Brewer, played by the same actor as above, was this as well, until he had an epiphany upon hitting rock bottom (see What Did I Do Last Night? The Child Stealers Dietrich (as everyone else stares at him following this revelation I couldn't have done it without you guys. The reason Danny Arnold ended the show was because he felt they'd hit the point where they were repeating themselves. And Harris is more of a streetwise hipster than a pompous intellectual until sometime in the third season. The monitor soon starts going haywire, and then it goes completely flat, with the requisite steady tone, to the horror of everyone in the squadroom. A rabbi is busted when he uses the synagogue's license for a "casino night" to continuously operate a small-time casino in the basement. Beat But they are.

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Hanging Judge : Subverted in "The Judge". Detective Nick Yemana (Jack Soo the. In a subplot Inveterate Gambler Nick is torn between who to bet on winning (Ford or Carter). This is coming out of my own pocket. Lun from the Water Department can't seem to shut it have to understand, captain, that this drought situation has put the entire water department under a great deal of pressure. Below) and subsequently (in two-parter "Contempt joined the Salvation Army.

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Wojo promptly obliges, adding "Y'wanna hear'em in Polish?" Curse Cut Short : "Asylum" features two examples: Stevens: I hope you understand that you had no authority to do what you did. Well-Intentioned Extremist : Bruno Binder, a neighborhood vigilante who turns up in several episodes. Forced Out of the escort massage sex norge bøsse sex chat Closet : Officer Zatelli is gay. In "Graft the fourth episode, an IA detective comes sniffing around the 12th Precinct looking for cops on the take. Zhuninsky, we're doing everything we can to help you! Looking around the squadroom one last time, Barney remembers (via flashback clips) the cops who'd left the squad in years past. Haven't you ever seen one? Graveyard Shift In "Computer Crime an obeah woman at one point seemed to prevent Harris from opening the cell door by looking. Baru, the Sole Survivor of Zelinka's Romani "work detail" in the concentration camp Birkenau. List suggests as item /list list countries as x x1 x3 /list nameif type'program if if mvid 0 /if artistHtml if source/if if!nolyric if sgc /if if lrc ric sfy /if /if if!(lrc ric if if queue queue. Played for Drama in "The Librarian" with the seemingly-funny and whimsical. Paul had asked him for a miracle "like when you made all those sandwiches." A man (Tigar again) plagued by a poltergeist named Julius, concurrent with a lot of small accidents and an attack of clumsiness. More than half a dozen cops were "auditioned" this way. Jack Soo starred in both the stage and screen versions of Flower Drum Song. Halloween Episode : "Werewolf." First appearance. In "Hunger Strike a Macedonian lady has been institutionalized for twenty years as a schizophrenic speaking meaningless gibberish because no one understands her language. And he perceives the cloud of "resentment" that results from Luger turning up, subsequently broadcasting Barney's frustrations. Ax-Crazy : The polite, mild-mannered suspect in two-parter "Homicide who slit his barber's throat after receiving a bad haircut. Tension-Cutting Laughter : In "The Librarian". "Toys in Season 5, in which rival toy manufacturers pose a problem for the precinct, and Barney has to face his first Christmas after separation from Liz. Levitt : "I thought 'macho' meant macho!" In "The Vigilante" Inspector Luger asks Chano "What is the Spanish word for 'vigilante'?". Insult to Rocks : In "Hash a pair of Polish immigrants, one an actor and the other a theatre critic, have been arrested escort homo massage oslo escort service i for fighting a saber duel. Turn in Your Badge : Barney has to do this in "Eviction (Part. The character left the show in Season 5 when Jack Soo fell ill and died of cancer. Evolutionary Retcon : After having visibly thin hair on top and an extreme combover for the first couple of episodes as Wojo, actor Max Gail was given a thick hairpiece which he wore for the rest of the series - apart from the out-of-character Jack. The finale instead featured the freeze-frame on the squad room, with no music, only applause as the credits rolled. Hidden escort massage sex norge bøsse sex chat Depths : "Wojo's Girl" reveals that Wojo the resident meathead likes to play the flute in the park on his days off.

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Late-series episode "The Librarian" involves an ex-Nazi in hiding. The Bank Ignore The Fanservice : A High-Class Call Girl, who is the victim of a semi-related crime, throws herself at Dietrich to a ridiculous extent. One perp makes a big deal about how devout a Catholic he is in the hopes that Wojo's Catholic guilt will get him let. This was an out-of-character tribute to Soo, who played Yemana, and who had died of esophageal cancer in January of that year. It turns out that. When he remembers Chano, Wentworth and Fish, Barney is smiling in fond remembrance. Percussive Maintenance : In "Stress Analyzer a stress measurement device is strapped to Dietrich just before he goes to investigate a disturbance with Levitt.

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